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Vaughan Benz is committed to ensuring that its furniture is made of sustainable materials and is produced in the most environmentally friendly methods possible.

LEED Certification

We have identified 7 potential LEED points that could be awarded to a project based on the compliance of furniture-related specifications and production. In order to obtain LEED points for loose furniture, Vaughan Benz recommends that the project hire a LEED-accredited professional to manage the project's LEED process and application.

Potential LEED points for which our furniture could potentially assist a project:

Credits 4.1 and 4.2 (2 LEED points)
Recycled Content: MDF is made of recycled content (100% pre-consumer). Steel products contain over 50% recycled content.

Credits 5.1 and 5.2 (2 LEED points)
Final Assembly: This contribution is dependent on project location. If the final assembly point is within 500 miles of our Los Angeles factory (which should cover jobsites in California, Nevada or Arizona), our furniture could receive these points, provided that final assembly takes place in Los Angeles. If Vaughan Benz's Asian-made guestroom furniture is assembled in our Los Angeles factory, then it could qualify for these LEED points.

Credits 6.0 (1 LEED point)
Rapidly Renewable Materials: Some, but not all, materials used in Vaughan Benz furniture, such as reconstituted veneer, MDF and bamboo veneer, meet this requirement. Vaughan Benz will make suggestions to the interior designer on the availability of feasible, rapidly renewable materials for each furniture design.

Credits 7.0 (1 LEED point)
FSC-Certified Wood: If the lumber is harvested from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Lands, it receives a certificate that provides this point. Certain types of MDF (see credit 6.0) also receive FSC approval and therefore earn this point. Vaughan Benz has used FSC certified lumber and MDF for both its U.S. and Chinese-made furniture.
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Credits 4.4 (1 LEED point)
Indoor Environmental Quality: Adhesives need to be formaldehyde-free, and finishes need to emit low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). All of our furniture made in Los Angeles meets this requirement.

Other environmentally friendly practices at Vaughan Benz: Vaughan Benz and its Asian partners dispose of their chemical waste in a responsible manner so it does not end up in landfills. Whenever possible, Vaughan Benz and its Asian partner factories use biodegradable packing materials. Vaughan Benz sends its wood debris to a company that recycles it for other commercial use so it does not end up in landfills.